Interested in a Custom Painting?

If you would like a custom painting or portrait by me, I would be honoured to be your artist!

I realize that not everyone would like their custom painting done with wine so I am open to use different mediums to bring your ideas to life!

Choose the size that you would like and send a quick email to including some or all of the following information:

1. Size of Painting
2. Attach any reference photos (the more the better) 
3. If there is a specific wine or varietal that you wish to have it painted with (or coffee/beer)
4. Due date for the piece (if there is one)
5. If you would like pricing on custom framing with the wine soaked oak staves.

Each painting takes a minimum of 20 hours to complete and over the course of a good week or two for drying time. My calendar does book quickly.

Please note:

50% deposit is required at the start of the painting. Remaining balance is not due until the painting is complete.

Commission Sizes & Pricing

8 x 10" Size

$275 + tax
If a portrait - one subject only
*max 1 person in an 8x10" size painting.

11 x 14" Size

$350 + tax (One Subject)
$400 + tax (Two Subjects)
*max 2 people in an 11x14" size painting.

16 x 20" Size

$475 + tax (One Subject)
$520 + tax (Two Subjects)
*More than Two Subjects - contact for pricing

20 x 24" Size

$540 + tax (One Subject)
$580 + tax (Two Subjects)
*More than Two Subjects - contact for pricing

Interested in Custom Framing?

We offer frames that were created out of oak staves. These thin pieces of wood would hang in the wine tanks to help with the fermentation process.

2 style options provided below. Pricing available if interested.

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Portrait Examples

Landscape Examples

Fan Art Examples

Animal Examples

Acrylic Painting Examples

Blend-able Pencil Crayon Examples