Using wine as an artistic medium is unique, unpredictable, and took many years to control.

Over the last 10 years I have mastered the ability to work with the wine in order to create unqiue and highly detailed pieces.

By using wine straight out of the bottle and the wine sediment, I am able to achieve various depths in colour as well as the medium itself. Painting with wine is similar to painting with watercolour pigment. However, when painting with the sediment it is similar to acrylic paints. 

Wine is an organic matter which needs to be taken into consideration when painting. Each original painting will change over time due to oxidization and that is something that I keep in mind when placing the wine down onto the canvas. I visualize what that wine will look like after it has finished aging. This allows me to choose the appropriate wines beforehand as I am painting two pieces in one. 

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