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Wine Painting Classes

Wine Painting Classes

Classes are limited throughout the year as they take time to prepare and must be scheduled around custom work and festivals/markets. 

Classes are usually based out of the Niagara Region where I partner with local wineries or venues. 

Here are some details about the classes:
• I will create a unique painting specific to that class where stencils will be made from and each guest will receive. 
• The painting itself will be similar to a “paint by numbers’ style where the outline will be there to follow.
• I will introduce you to the craft of wine painting, give you some pointers that I’ve learned over the years and help you with your creation so that you will be proud to display it to your friends and family.

If you are a venue or winery that would like to partner with me. Please send me a quick email to touch base!
(I provide all material including aprons for the event. Venue will need to provide tables, chairs, wine or refreshments to drink)

Upcoming wine painting classes listed below.

Please note that they are limited throughout the year.
My wine painting kits are available if the timing does not work for classes and you would like to experience wine painting from the comfort of your home. 


I’m currently working on a few public classes to take place in both the Niagara Region and Newmarket Ontario. 


If you are interested in a private wine painting class that takes place at a venue or from a home please contact me today.

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