January 12, 2022Simple Wine News
– included in the 5 artists painting with wine article by Chania Cardoso
Simple Wine News Article


December 29, 2019Vogue, Japan – Lifestyle/Travel
– feature under the “Vineland Estates Winery is home to at-home hospitality and creativity”


December 18, 2018Season 4, Episode 12: Holiday
A feature on a holiday wine painting using wine.
– CBC Arts Exhibitionist
:“A holiday gift painted with wine because WINE NOT?”

October 2018 – Season 4, Episode 5: Metamorphosis
Rocky Horror Picture Show Wine Painting is featured through the end credits of this episode
– CBC Arts Exhibitionist: “Metamorphosis”

June 16 2018 – George Takei spotlights Star Trek Enterprise 1710-D Wine Painting through his Facebook page and George Takei Presents Facebook Page. Both links available below:
– George Takei Presents: “Painting with Pinot”

June 2018 – Mark from Pulp Nation interview with Melissa during Day 2 at Niagara Falls Comic Con.
(interview starts around 13:46)
– watch the video clip here:

May 2018 – “Melissa Proudlock from Painting with Wine Came in to Teach Tami and Lori How to Paint with Wine!” interview with Tami and Lori from 105.7 EZ ROCK
– listen to the first audio cut here:
– listen to the second audio cut here:

April 2018 – “Artist Makes Amazing Paintings Using Wine and I’m All About It” by Serena Dorman
– featured on the


March 2017 – “Inside the Studio: Painting with Wine” by Alexandra Heck
– both online and printed interview, – West Niagara Life Magazine, Spring 2017 Issue, p. 10-11

February 2017 – “Painting with Wine: Interview with Artist Melissa Proudlock” by Jeff Fountain from The GCE:
– featured on the

January 2017 – “Painter Melissa Proudlock turns Niagara wine into Art – and it’s stunning” by Rick Vansickle
– featured on


November 2016 – “The art of painting with wine”,Radio interview with Zoe George, Radio New Zealand – RNZ radio: Click here to listen

July 2016 – “Drunk on Canvas” by Margaret Alkerton – The Sound, p.8

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